We hope this post finds you and your loved ones in GREAT health… Stiforp VERY FIRST Pay Day is Tomorrow, August 10th. Below is a screen shot of my first paycheck from STIFORP. Not huge sum of money but worth building this business for a bigger monthly paycheck – that’s residual income.

My STIFORP First Paycheck

stiforP 1st commission 8-11-2011 9-20-20 AM

stiforP 1st commission 8-11-2011 9-20-20 AM

Remember, we can NOT pay you tomorrow IF you do not select how you’d like to get paid TODAY.

How to Receive your stiforP Commissions

Please login to your Stiforp Back office by going to and use your username and password to login in the Member Login section . If you have miss placed your username and password, then simply visit and put in your Stiforp ID or Username or the email address that you used when joining our Stiforp family then click on “Send E-mail” tab and the system will email you your login information ASAP. After you are logged in to your stiforp control panel / back office, please click on the “My Earnings” tab about a 3rd of the way down on the left section of your stiforP back office / control panel.

That will take you to another page .While on this new page, ( you should see in your URL bar ) please click on Click Here to Select How to Receive Your Commissions.

Now, if you live in USA you can request a check OR use GlobalXchange. If you are outside of USA , you can put your BEST eMail address in the GlobalXchange option/section and make SURE to click on the little button on either Check option or GX option, and SAVE your information.

To be safe, please exit that page ( perhaps click on the “Why Stiforp” tab and read that POWERFUL and INFORMATIVE one page document ) then click back on “My Earning” tab & then click back on Click Here to Select How to Receive Your Commissions to MAKE SURE the correct choice that you made is SAVE and SET…


Now is the time to refer 3 or 4 of your TOP contacts to one of your many stiforP marketing pages and get them to LOCK IN their position by TONIGHT’s mid-night Pacific Cut-Off !!

Here is the Pre-Cut Off Call from last Thursday with OVER 500 stiforp family members attending it > !

Remember, your friends and loved ones WILL hear about stiforP sooner or later through YOU or …..

All business in by TONIGHT mid-night Pacific will be paid out on next week so GO GO GO !!

With OVER 5000 members in less than 3 weeks into prelaunch, we are very happy to see that so many people are recognizing the value of these MUST HAVE tools & UPCOMING powerful Training Calls Library.

As we approach our official launch, we will be adding more tools, resources, and functionality to the website. But already, you now have at your fingertips over $3,000 worth of tools to take ANY business on the Internet to the NEXT LEVEL for just $9.95 per month.

If you have not joined yet, you may go here to lock in your spot today!

6 thoughts on “STIFORP VERY FIRST Pay Day

  1. Thanks for the login information. Now Please direct me to the PAYMENT procedure as I am a 91 year old Veteran and cannot work things out as clearly as a younger person might do.
    Keith R. Bellamy.

  2. Dear Sir,Dear Ma,It is my great pleasure to reply to the question.i am pre-enrollee i believe by God’s grace my “Master card” will be ready next week according to bank long as i get it i will get started without wasting time,but some people were asking me how do they receive their monthly earning after register.i resides at:12,Olukosi street,oke-koto,lagos state,Nigeria.Occupation:Soccer player.if i am through your good Management and good programme become (SOCCERHERO)I Will be grateful.thank you for your anticipated support and favourable reply.

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